COTAD supports the Black OT community

As a grassroots organization dedicated to developing a diverse workforce and inclusive profession, we denounce police brutality and racism. We are deeply impacted, heartbroken, and angry about seeing yet another senseless murder of a Black person at the hands of police. 

COTAD believes in action-oriented organizing to hold our profession accountable for creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive society. We are calling all members of the OT community to join us in sparking dialogue and igniting change to promote occupational justice. 



Matching OT students and new practitioners from under-represented backgrounds with mentors who provide professional guidance and support

cotad chapters

Establishing COTAD Chapters on campuses across the country to better equip student leaders for careers as culturally humble and inclusive practitioners


Sharing ideas, resources, and support for those in academia to improve faculty training, recruitment, and retention


Find applicants and employers who value diversity, inclusion, and making a positive impact within the profession of occupational therapy


Connecting with individuals, organizations, and others to get the word out about occupational therapy and issues related to diversity and inclusion

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