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Use the form below to submit information for job postings to be shared on
  • A separate form must be submitted for EACH position, even within the same organization.

  • Each posting includes a brief description and a link to the application and/or employer website.
  • Active job postings will be shared on the Job Board web page, in the quarterly COTAD Courier e-newsletter, and on COTAD's social media channels.

  • Postings remain on the website for up to three (3) months after initial publication.



  • $100 for each position to be shared online for up to three (3) months.

  • All payments are final.


  1. Complete form below with contact information, brief description, and URL.

  2. Click SUBMIT FORM button.

  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for each position/posting.

  4. After submitting form(s), click PAY NOW button.

  5. Complete online transaction.

Email for additional information or assistance.

COTAD Job Board Submission Form


Submission of this form and FULL PAYMENT ($100) ensures publication of your job posting on the COTAD website for up to three (3) months from posting date. COTAD is not responsible for incorrectly submitted information, including links, contact information, opening/closing dates, etc. impeding users' ability to access or apply for positions. COTAD reserves the right to remove or reject postings that are not in alignment with organizational values and ethics. Please email to modify your posting or request removal. By selecting "I Agree" you consent to this Agreement's terms and conditions.


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