Celebrating OT Month 2020

Although the end of April is approaching, OT Month isn’t over yet! If you’re still looking for ways to celebrate, check out the list below for six simple ways you can share your love for OT online and in person this month and in the future.

  1. Share your story: Use the hashtag #OTMonth to advocate for OT and highlight the diversity and value in our profession on social media. Invite current students, colleagues, and educators to do the same.

  2. Make a difference as a mentor: Submit your application to become a mentor in COTAD’s Minority Mentorship Program for OT students and practitioners from under-represented backgrounds.

  3. Expand employment opportunities: Submit your position to be included on the new COTAD Job Board. For a small tax-deductible fee, you can promote or apply for occupational therapy positions at your organization.

  4. Advocate, educate, and communicate: Share COTAD information and events online, in person, and at virtual events. Students can consider starting a COTAD Chapter, educators can join the COTAD ED listserv, and clinicians can attend virtual events.

  5. Perform an act of service: Complete an act of service virtually or in your local community and use the hashtag #cotadservice to share your story and inspire others.

  6. Join the conversation: Join us for one or more virtual events taking place at the end of April and addressing issues of equity, justice, and racism for students and practitioners.

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