COTAD Becomes a Nonprofit

On February 25, 2019, the Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity officially became a nonprofit organization! This designation comes with many benefits, including the ability to apply for local and national grants, provide tax exempt goods and services, and recruit and retain skilled and knowledgeable members to help achieve our vision and promote our mission.

In the five years since it was originally conceptualized and created, COTAD has had an increasingly important impact on the profession of occupational therapy. For example, through COTAD’s efforts and the dedication of its Executive Board members, committee members, and volunteers, several new programs have been launched and older programs improved upon. These include the Minority Mentorship Program, COTAD-ED, and collaborations with AOTA leadership. Further, we are now able to accept donations large and small that will help us fund current and future projects, provide scholarships for students of diverse backgrounds, and have a bigger impact on the profession.

In our first year as a nonprofit, we are hoping to raise a minimum of $2500 to help ensure that current initiatives can continue and new programs and resources can be developed to meet the​needs of occupational therapy students, clinicians, educators, and consumers. We are committed to creating a world in which occupational therapy practitioners are well-prepared to serve and collaborate with professionals and clients of diverse backgrounds, and every dollar we raise helps get us one step closer to our goal.

If you believe in the power and value of having a truly diverse profession, consider donating to our organization today! If you are interested in partnering with COTAD or a local member, please email to connect.

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