Valuable Volunteers

COTAD is fortunate to have many people who dedicate their time and talents to our mission. We would like to thank the following volunteers for their work on projects related to diversity and inclusion over the past several months:

  • Yumi Masuda

  • Hiral Khatri

  • Elle Russell

  • Selena Washington

  • Davina Chau

  • Lindy Weaver

  • Jaye McLaren

  • Denise Doria

  • Emily Sherman

  • Angela Baker

These volunteers have contributed to COTAD’s efforts in many ways, including developing case studies for our growing case study library, community outreach events, and establishing COTAD Chapters at their schools.

Shout out to our volunteers and their efforts to promote diversity in their communities and across the country! If you are interested in volunteering with our organization, email us at to tell us what you’re passionate about and learn how you can help.

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