Loving our New Logo

Earlier this year, COTAD members collaborated with a graphic designer to create a logo that would increase the organization’s credibility and provide a visual representation of the values that its members hold close. The final product, with its multicolored pattern and interconnecting blocks, is more than just a pretty picture!

The meaning behind our logo is drawn from our mission statement: “COTAD strives to meet society’s occupational needs by developing local and national initiatives and aligning with key stakeholders to create a socioculturally diverse workforce that is able to provide culturally sensitive and client-centered services to occupational therapy consumers.

The varied colors in the logo represent the diverse range of cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, religious beliefs, languages, and values held by both occupational therapy clients and practitioners. COTAD is working towards increasing diversity within the profession so that we can leave behind our profession’s current and historical monochromatic makeup to embrace a much more vibrant and colorful future.

Additionally, the interconnected blocks represent the way in which COTAD partners with national professional association, grassroots programs, groups, and individuals to build upon successes and further the mission of increasing diversity within our profession to better serve our clients. Just as it takes many bricks to build a strong, stable structure, it takes many people working together to ensure that our mission and AOTA’s Vision 2025 become a reality within the next several years.

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