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Below are selected peer reviewed presentations made by COTAD members.

Nguyen, A., Sherman, E., Hoyt, C.R. & Anvarizadeh, A. (cancelled, COVID-19). Developing a COTAD Chapter to Enhance OT Student Leadership in Diversity and Inclusions: A Case Study. American Occupational Therapy Association. 


Lambert, M., Valencia, H., Skowronski, J. & Hoyt, C.R. (cancelled, COVID-19). A Developing Mentorship Program for Underrepresented OT Students & Practitioners: Lessons Learned & Future Directions. American Occupational Therapy Association


Sherman, E., Taff, S.D., & Smallfield, S. (Oct. 2019). Student perspectives of the inclusion of sexual and gender minority health-related content in occupational therapy curricula [presentation and panel]. American Occupational Therapy Association Education Summit, Las Vegas, NV. 


Fontes, A.M., Grabill, M.S., Hoyt, C.R., Oberle, S.C., Chrzatowski, H., Milton, L.E. (April 2019). Evaluating the Effectiveness of International Service Learning on the Development of Cultural Sensitivity Skills in Occupational Therapy Students. American Occupational Therapy Association. New Orleans, LA.


Oberle, S. C., Hoyt, C.R., Mikush, C. & Chrzastowski, H.  (April 2017). Development and Implementation of a Student Led Service-Learning Curriculum. Strategies and Recommendations. American Occupational Therapy Association. Philadelphia, PA. 


Hoyt, C.R., Jones, L. & Pearson, A. (April 2017). Development of Evidence Based Community Outreach: Programs to Promote Diversity Discussions. American Occupational Therapy Association. Philadelphia, PA. 

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Chrzastowski, H., Baum, R., Hively, J., Hoyt,C., Taff, S. (April 2015). Becoming Globally-Connected: High Impact Approaches to Address Occupational Needs Using Low Tech in Developing Countries. American Occupational Therapy Association. Nashville, TN.  


Reyes-Smith, C., Anvarizadeh, A., Holland, D., Hoyt, C.R., Kwebetchou, N., Wilson, S. (April 2014). Diversity in the Workforce: Perspectives from Emerging Leaders. American Occupational Therapy Association. Baltimore, MD.

Reyes-Smith, C., Hoyt, C.R. (April 2013). Tech Tools for OT Practice With Spanish-Speaking Clients. American Occupational Therapy Association. San Diego, CA.        

Reyes-Smith, C., Hoyt, C.R., Toth-Cohen, S., Holland, D. (April 2013). No Hablo Ingles: Client-Centered Occupational Therapy Practice with Spanish-Speaking Clients. American Occupational Therapy Association. San Diego, CA.


Invited Lectures and Talks

DeJesus, M. (Feb. 2020). Diverse OT: Leadership and Advocacy for Minorities in Healthcare with Michelle DeJesus [podcast episode] on OT 4 Lyfe podcast. 

DeJesus, M. (Jan. 2020). Michelle DeJesus Occupational Therapist [blog post] on Latinx en Medicina.


Johnson, K., Hoyt, C.R. (2020- cancelled).)AOTF: Addressing the Need for More Evidence in OT: Issues Impacting OT Research Related to Funding Opportunities, Diversity and Scholarly Training, American Occupational Therapy Association.


Hoyt, C.R. (2019). Women + Femme in STEM, Saint Louis University, Panelist.


Pearson, A.C., Hoyt, C.R. (2018, 2019). Understanding Bias: Strategies for Culturally Responsive Care, Saint Louis University, Program in Occupational Therapy. St. Louis, Missouri. 

DeJesus, J. (2018). NSU Diversity Panel Guest Speaker.


Pearson, A.C., Hoyt, C.R. (2018). Promoting a Diverse Occupational Therapy Workforce, Gateway Occupational Therapy Education Council, St. Louis, Missouri. 

Hoyt, C.R. (2018). Beyond the Buzzwords: Maximizing Participation through Inclusion, Illinois State Occupational Therapy Association Annual Meeting, Plenary Speaker, Chicago, Illinois. 

Hoyt, C.R. (2017). Advocacy and Innovation, On the Air Podcast Hosted by Stephanie Lancaster, Podcast. 

Reyes-Smith, C., Hoyt, C.R.(2015). Working with Non-Native English speakers, American Occupational Therapy Association, Podcast. 

Reyes-Smith, C., Hoyt, C.R.(2015). Pediatric Chat for Spanish-Speaking Clients, American Occupational Therapy Association, Podcast. 

COTAD Publications

Wilson, S., Hunter-Bennett, C., Smith, C.R. & Hoyt, C.R. (2020). Occupational Therapy’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. American Journal of Occupational Therapy: Official Document. (74)Suppl.3.

Wilson, S., Anvarizadeh, A., Hoyt-Drazen, C., Holland, D., Kwebetchou, N., Reyes-Smith, C., & Skowronkski, J. (2015). Diversity in the workforce: Perspectives from emerging leaders. OT Practice, 20(21), 19-21. 

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Taff, S. & Hoyt, C. (2012). Going global in Guatemala: Supporting emerging occupational therapy practice in developing nations. OT Practice, 17 (21), 14-19.   


Hoyt, C. (2011). Branching out: Occupational therapy for children with sickle cell disease. OT Practice, 16(14), 24-25.

Leadership Roles


Mentorship Task Force, AOTA -- Helen Valencia MSOT, OTR/L 

Board of Directors, AOTA -- Cristina Reyes Smith OTD, OTR/L 

Representative Assembly, AOTA -- Arameh Anvarizadeh OTD, OTR/L;  Stephanie Lancaster EdD, OTR/L


Washington University Student Chapter of the Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity (WU-COTAD), founding member and two-term co-president - Emily Sherman, OTD, OTR/L