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Join us at the 6th Annual COTAD Breakfast & Awards to meet your mentor or mentee in person and celebrate the winner of the 2020 Excellence in Mentorship Award!

About the Minority Mentorship Program

The Minority Mentorship Program (MMP) is designed to support underrepresented occupational therapy students, new practitioners and prospective students. We hope that the MMP will enrich his or her journey toward becoming an occupational therapist. As students begin this journey, mentors can offer guidance and support. Participation in a mentoring program affords the mentee the opportunity to learn about the individual multicultural groups to which his or her mentor belongs, as well as to learn about professional organizations and associations regarding the profession.


Mentoring relationships can ignite academic careers by receiving support and gaining insight from mentors. The mentors are a part of the students’ journey as he or she undertakes the challenges of rigorous occupational therapy curricula and its demands. For example, a mentor’s influence can guide a student through a challenging situation, which could aid in student retention in an occupational therapy program. MMP is the first formal, national mentoring program which serves occupational therapy students from underrepresented backgrounds.


Program Goals and Objectives

  • Promote personal, intellectual, and professional growth

  • Assist with personal and academic concerns through a one-on-one relationship

  • Support occupational therapy students to navigate resources offered through the professional association

  • Encourage students to fully explore and utilize resources for achieving academic success, networking opportunities, and professional development

  • Create a professional relationship with mentors who can serve as professional references

  • Encourage individuals to develop to their greatest potential

  • Helps an individual develop her or his own vision for the future

  • Foster caring and support as a strategy to develop active community partnerships



Participants are expected to connect with their mentor/mentee at least once a month for 12 months. A manual with guided activities will be provided to support these conversations.