Join us for our IGNITE series to expand your knowledge, get support, and join the movement to end violence and discrimination against and create equity for Black and Brown people everywhere.

COTAD is proud to present the new IGNITE series, a platform to elevate the voices and help meet the needs of Black and brown members of the OT community.


Over the next several weeks, we will be continuing and expanding our efforts to provide support, resources, and a safe place for practitioners of color.

Register to attend these online events to learn how you can join our cause and help us do the difficult and necessary work of dismantling systems of racism, oppression, and discrimination to promote occupational justice. Some events will be recorded and available on YouTube afterwards. 


To our Black and brown peers

We see you. We hear you. We're with you.

Thu, Sep 17
Online Discussion
Action for Inclusion in OT Education: Fieldwork Challenges Related to Racism and Discrimination
Join COTAD-ED for a discussion and action planning to address racism and discrimination in clinical training.
Thu, Aug 20
IGNITE Series II: Programmatic Challenges Related to Racism and Discrimination
Join us for the first event in the second IGNITE series hosted by COTAD-ED with a focus on OT education.
Thu, Aug 06
Online Event, Zoom
Join us for the final event in the IGNITE series on anti-racism. We will be reflecting with COTAD leaders and coming up with our own action strategies to move into the future.
Sat, Jul 11
Online Event
Value of Voices: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on DEI
Here from experts from SLP, PT, Anthropology, Public Health, Biomedical Engineering and Research.
Wed, Jun 17
IGNITE Series: The Black Male OT Experience in the U.S.
A panel presentation highlighting the successes, challenges, and experiences of Black male OT practitioners.
Sat, Jun 06
IGNITE Series: Are You Okay? The Impact of Racism & Police Brutality on Health & Occupation
COTAD is here and available to give you the space to discuss how police brutality and racism impact your daily occupations.

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