Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to provide resources and support to help you get involved in your community to engage others in promoting inclusion. Following is a list of FAQs and responses for your information. If you have other questions or concerns with which COTAD may be able to help, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon quickly. 

 Q1  I'm interested in Emerging Leaders program. How do I apply?

Information about the Emerging Leaders Development Program in available on the AOTA website. You can check out the upcoming application deadlines here: 



 Q2  Is there a network or other students to connect with?

Awesome idea! Have you checked out all of the groups that are a part of MDI (Multicultural Diversity and Inclusion) group with AOTA? They also have a large cultural comptency toolkit. Available here:


Contact us with your ideas and suggestions and we will try to make it happen!




 Q3  Can I talk to someone about concerns or questions?

Absolutely! Please send us and email and we will connect you with someone that can speak with you soon.




Help COTAD tune in to what's going on in the field.

Do you have something that you wish your professor, boss, mentor, or coworkers knew about you? COTAD is collecting anonymous messages about the experiences and thoughts of OT practitioners who would like to share. We will use these to help inform practice. Click on the button below to link to our anonymous survey.