Coordinating events in communities across the country to create dialogue and take action on issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion

COTAD Community is a group of passionate individuals working under the COTAD 501c3 non-profit to organize service projects during each American Occupational Therapy Association’s (AOTA) Annual Conference. The purpose of this committee is to promote diversity and inclusion by giving back to the communities we enter during each annual AOTA conference. This opportunity is open to occupational therapy students, educators, practitioners, and partners who want to promote engagement within the community in an impactful way.

To learn more or join the team, email cotad.community@gmail.com.









Program Goals

Our committee works with students, programs, community partners, sponsors and others to achieve our goals of

  1. Promoting inclusivity, equity, and belonging in diverse settings through community service projects

  2. Educating communities we enter about the value and power of occupational therapy 

  3. Developing unity within communities served through collaborative projects addressing diverse needs

Program Accomplishments/Milestones

Since its official launch in April 2020, COTAD Community and supporters from across the country raised $1,350 and collected 1164 items to include in wellness kits for clients at Rosie's Place, a women's shelter and community center in Boston, MA. 

Leadership Team


Whitney Harris, OTR/L

Community People (2).jpg

Jonette Ishmael,  OTR/L

Community People (4).jpg

Christina Alabastro, OTR/L, CNS


Bianca Callier, OTR/L